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PCB for Access Control Yubikey OTP NFC Pi (ACYONP). For Raspberry Pi. This is a **Door Access Control using Electronic Door Strike, with Yubikey OTP via NFC / KeyPad / WebInterface for Authentication.**

*** Only the PCB, with the soldered component are included in this listing, no other items are included.

Web interface shows the status of the whole system, along with the ability to enter pin/password/yubikey OTP string for authentication to unlock the door

Uses Inturrupt and Threads to minimise overhead, and to be non blocking as much as possible.

All options are completely customizable through the ini config file

The script ACYONP is design specificly for the Raspberry Pi.

SKaccess by Simon Kong


NFC Reader is at the top of the Box, inside. putting the yubikey on top of the box will scan the yubikey neo / yubikey 5 nfc.




## V 1.0 21/05/2019 - Initial Release


## PCB Board Used

Ready to use PCB Board

PCB Design Files / gerber files


FYI Gerber files are in the release section

more pictures in the wiki






## Schematics




## Code Used



## Product Used (not included)

### Dupont kit / Jumper Wires

you will need a dupont crimp kit 2.54 / tool

and / or jumper wires


Crimping Tool: 0.1-1.0 mm² Capacity, 16-28 AWG

Crimp Connector Housings

Female Crimp Pins for 0.1" Housings

Male Crimp Pins for 0.1" Housings

Wires with Pre-Crimped Terminals

Premium Jumper Wires

### Keypad

Metallic Waterproof 3x4 Keypad

### PN532 NFC controller in UART mode


### Yubico Yubikey

YubiKey 5 NFC

### other items used, can be any other ones.

H0307 • 145Lx105Wx65Dmm IP65 Sealed ABS Enclosure

H0151 • UB1 (157Lx95Wx53Hmm) Grey ABS Jiffy Box

P0628 • 2.1mm Female Plastic Chassis Mount DC Power Socket (not necessary)

H1554 • 5mm LED Mounts Pk 100

S6109 • 1.5-24V Piezo Chassis Mount Buzzer (status buzzer)

S6100 • 3-15V Mechanical Chassis Mount Buzzer (door buzzer)

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  • Brand: SKaccess
  • Product Code: ACYONP
  • Availability: 2-3 Days
  • $35.00

Tags: rapsberry pi, pi, Access Control, Door, Electronic Strike, Yubikey, NFC, Yubico OTP